Bots hitting xmlrpc.php and causing a high load Due to a security issue in earlier versions of WordPress that allowed posting from xmlrpc.php,... Changed theme and now cannot access WordPress site or wp-admin If your theme has an issue and WordPress only shows a blank (white) page and you need to change... High resource usage from /wp-admin/admin-ajax.php If you are seeing a high amount of resource usage due to /wp-admin/admin-ajax.php, it could most... How can I block bots or spam comments? The following WordPress article will give you some options:... How can I find which plugins are using the most resources? There aren't many accurate ways of finding which plugins are abusing resources, but the P3 Plugin... How can I make WordPress more secure? Install Better WordPress Security: How do I force SSL or HTTPS on my WordPress website? You can install the following WordPress plugin to force HTTPS or SSL on your WordPress... How do I limit login attempts or block brute force? If you are experiencing a brute force attack on your wp-admin section, it is not only a security... How do I manually install a WordPress plugin? To install a WordPress Plugin manually from cPanels File Manager: Download your WordPress... How do I move my WordPress blog from another host? Moving your WordPress blog to HostMantis from another host is usually an easy thing to do. The... How do I use or install LSCache in WordPress? We install LSCache by default on wordpress hostinf plan, but it will not install if you already... How do I use pretty permalinks in WordPress on Windows hosting? To use "Pretty Permalinks" in WordPress on our Windows hosting plan requires some added... How to access the Wordpress admin account? WordPress is a CMS software with an easy to access admin account and a simple to manage blog... How to configure WordPress to use SMTP authentication? You can configure WordPress to use SMTP authentication rather than the default PHP mail()... How to redirect 404 errors to my WordPress home page index.php? Create a new file named 404.php and enter the following code:   <?php header("Status:... I can't remember my WP-admin password, what can I do? If you cannot remember your WP-admin password or it is not working for you, you can use one of... I changed my domain name and now WordPress is redirecting to the old domain WordPress uses your domain name in it's settings, so it must have your correct/current domain... I receive a 404 page not found error when clicking links in WordPress If you receive a 404 (page not found) error when clicking any internal link in WordPress,... I receive a Fatal Error when trying to upgrade WordPress... If you receive a Fatal Error when upgrading WordPress, such as: Fatal error: Call to undefined... In my General Settings, I entered the wrong URL and now cannot access WP-Admin... If by mistake you enter the wrong URL in the General Settings in WordPress and can no longer... Installing WordPress You can easily install WordPress for a domain using "Softaculous" in cPanel.   Log into... WP Better Security locked me out... Please see the following: WordPress plugins we do not recommend Due to their abusive nature or incompatibilities, we do not recommend using the following...
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