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EverCloud Bolt

The perfect starting point for growing an online presence.

5.95 Monthly
-1.00 Quarterly
-1.00 Semi-Annually
60.93 Annually
120.15 Biennially
180.14 Triennially
10GB NVMe Disk Space Unmetered Bandwidth Host 3 Websites Hosted cPanel Control Panel +1 Click Installer Included FREE SSL (worth 950) WordPress Optimised Website Builder Unlimited Emails Accounts 24/7 Technical Support 99.9% Uptime Guarantee
Super savings with multi-year terms.

12 Months - Save55% | Coupon - ONBOARD50

36 Months - Save 75% | Coupon - PREMIUM75

** Coupon will be applied in the next step based on plan.

Risk-free for 7 days.

Get 2 months free with
annual prepay.


EverCloud Plus

The perfect starting point for growing an online presence.

7.95 Monthly
-1.00 Quarterly
-1.00 Semi-Annually
86.00 Annually
173.00 Biennially
259.00 Triennially
60 SSD Storage
Unlimited Bandwidth
Host 10 domains
Free SSL
Cloudlinux + cPanel
Website Builder with 354 Themes
Unlimited Emails
24x7 Chat / Ticket Support

Most suitable plan for web designing companies who need to host multiple domains with best performance.

Super savings with multi-year terms.

12 Months ( Rs 292.6/m ) - Save55% | Coupon - ONBOARD55

36 Months ( Rs 162/m ) - Save 75% | Coupon - PREMIUM75

** Coupon will be applied in the next step based on plan.

Risk-free for 7 days.

Get 2 months free with
annual prepay.


EverCloud cPanel Pro

The perfect starting point for growing an online presence.

13.95 Monthly
-1.00 Quarterly
-1.00 Semi-Annually
158.99 Annually
315.80 Biennially
474.20 Triennially
Unlimited SSD Storage
Unlimited Bandwidth
Host Unlimited domains
Free SSL
Website Builder with 354 Themes
Unlimited Emails
24x7 Chat / Ticket Support

Most suitable plan for SMEs who need to host multiple domains, require more storage with best performance.

Super savings with multi-year terms.

12 Months ( Rs 382.0/m ) - Save55% | Coupon - ONBOARD55

36 Months ( Rs 214/m ) - Save 75% | Coupon - PREMIUM75

** Coupon will be applied in the next step based on plan.

Risk-free for 7 days.

Get 2 months free with
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Why Choose VPS Hosting?



The virtual servers comes with full root access which allows administrator access over your hosting environment, along with the ability to install custom software without any restrictions. Additionally, our Server Management Panel gives you complete control of the server with actions as Start, Stop, Rebuild and much more

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Dedicated Server Equivalent

Linux Virtual Private Server hosting by VisualWebTechnologies is perfect for websites that have outgrown shared web hosting or reseller hosting. Get a dedicated server like environment along with all features of a dedicated server at an affordable price.

vps globe

Faster Page Loads

High quality server hardware, low latency network, and powerful management tools together deliver significantly faster page loads, thereby providing visitors an enriching online experience. All this backed with 24x7 uninterrupted support.

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With Cloud technology enabled for this
Reseller Hosting,your servers are powered with
increased flexibility and control

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Your Reseller Hosting comes with cPanel, to
manage your website and associated
services like emails and DNS

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We are here for you 24/7/365 via
Telephone, LiveChat and Email to assist
with any questions you may have

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Want Fast Perfomance? All Plans are Built for Speed

Built in the VisualWebTechnologies St Louis, Missouri datacenter, we have designed our Reseller Hosting with speed in mind. We've invested more time and money to assemble grade A hardware and networking, plus tested and further optimised it, than competing hosts would ever dream of undertaking. We're fast - by design.

private network

Need White Label Reselling? Of course.

You can brand your reseller hosting plan however you can see fit, making it easy to sell services on to 3rd parties, without needing to mention VisualWebTechnologies anywhere. Our white label features set us apart from the competition - and don't cost you extra. .

cloud database

How Do I Get Migrated to VisualWebTechnologies? We handle it.

Emails, files, databases, imaged and everything else that's part of your site, needs carefu consideration when beginning the migrating process. Because we handle thousands of migrations, it's become something we're experts at! Let us handle the migration for you - we'll do it at a time and date that's convenient for your business and we'll do it FREE of charge. .

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What About Softaculous? It's included. .

1-click installers make installation, updates and upgrades of software an east, time-consuming, approach. Knowing this, we included Softaculous Premium, with 400+ packages, at no cost -it's FREE .

cloud database

Will My Account Be Isolated From Everyone Elses? Yes.

Thanks to the beauty of Cloudlinux, your account has dedicated resources that are protected from every account. That means that your websites will be fully isolated from every other -and won't be compromised .

cloud database

Need Fully Managed Hosting? Reseller Hosting is 100%

That's right - our reseller hosting gets the same 100% full management that our high end plans are provided with, giving you access to out elite team of server admins and support engineers - and all that is included in your basic reseller hosting price .

free trial


Try us for 7 days absolutely risk-free! You are completely protected by our no-risk guarantee program. If by any means you decide to cancel your account over the next 7 days, you'll receive an instant refund, no questions asked.

Technical Specifications

safe and secure

Guaranteed Resources

Our Linux KVM VPS based hypervisor technology ensures consistent top-notch performance and the resources* of the server can be scaled as your business expands.


Secure Environment

Hypervisor based virtualisation brings in better isolation and security in a VPS environment

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Cutting Edge Server Hardware

One of the integral parts of your server is disk read/writes which is why we built our servers with Solid State Drives*


Top of the line network

Our network is designed with multiple reputed ISPs to ensure high stability, eliminate single point of failure with an integrated DDoS protection, at NO additional cost!


Yes, we are a web hosting company based in India since 2014. VisualWebTechnologies has now evolved into an international hosting company providing web hosting services around the globe with data centers in six different countries, including India.
Essential shared hosting plan is for hosting a single domain, Plus shared hosting plan allows unlimited number of domains/websites.

VisualWebTechnologies provides all kinds of web hosting services that can host virtually any website/websites and cater to any requirements.VisualWebTechnologies offers 70 different web hosting plans derived from its varied web hosting services mentiond below:

Shared hosting: Shared hosting allows multiple websites to utilize a single server. Packages on these servers have an alloted amount of server resources such as CPU, RAM, Storage, inode and process limit. Our shared hosting uses cPanel with Cloudlinux utilizing account isolation. This allows your website to operate without being affected by other websites on the same server. We offer plenty of benefits on our Shared hosting such as Nginx Server, free SSL Certificates, imunify360 and cPGuard (available per account). Offering all of these services into our Shared hosting allows us to craft a premium product for our customers. We recommend starting a little higher, not just buying for cost, but buying quality hosting for what your website needs 6+ months from now as it grows.

Reseller hosting: Reseller Hosting is a flexible hosting package. A Reseller is perfect for those with multiple websites or businesses selling or wanting to sell hosting. Paired with Cloudlinux for account isolation allows for a Reseller to set their own limits for each of their accounts. A Reseller will experience the benefits of Nginx webserver, Jetbackup, configurable backups, imunify360, cPGuard, free SSL Certificates for every site. Crafted to provide a premium experience for those wanting to host multiples websites or get into the hosting business.

VPS hosting: A type of hosting that gives dedicated resources to many users on a single powerful server machine. The peculiar difference between shared and VPS hosting is that a server's resources are available for all in shared hosting. Whereas in VPS hosting, we partition a server into different sections that act as independent servers. Naturally, the performance and features with VPS are superior to shared hosting. VisualWebTechnologies recommends VPS hosting to clients that have outgrown their shared hosting.

Dedicated hosting: As the name suggests, with dedicated hosting, VisualWebTechnologies provides a dedicated server solely for your websites. A dedicated server is a bare-metal server with its own dedicated resources available in various builds for your use exclusively. Dedicated servers can be setup for long term growth of your business or performance for your new applications. Unlike other hosting services, you don't have to share any of the space, processing power and other resources with anyone as you get an entire server for yourself. We only utilize enterprise-grade hardware on all dedicated server provisions.

Accounts are setup instantly, you will receive a welcome email from us within minutes with your new web hosting account login details.
Shared hosting is an easy and affordable way to get started on the web for websites that are not high traffic. Think of it like renting a room in a big house, you have your own small private space (your room) and you share the facilities in the house like the kitchen and bathroom. In hosting terms, your private room is your home directory and no one else can put their data in your home directory. It is yours alone. However you still have to share the major server resources with other sites, such as CPU, RAM (memory) and network connectivity.
Your website can grow without worrying about running out of disk space. However your storage space is limited to storing files related to your website only. We simply ask that you do not store any sort of file archives, home backups, home movies or videos, a hundred copies of your website backup files (you may keep 1). Sounds fair? 99% of the users legitimately use the web space, while 1% of the users try to abuse that.
Upgrading your plan as your website grows is easy and free, scale up at any time from your client portal with a click of a button.
If you are moving from another cPanel provider, our team will transfer your backups including your website, emails and data from your old web host and restore them on our servers at no charge.
VisualWebTechnologies is the best web hosting provider, which means we are experts at managing the hosting service for your websites and offer our support for any issue you will ever have with your hosting account. But, VisualWebTechnologies provides a website builder so that you ca create a website on your own, without any need for coding. Not only that, we provide WordPress optimized hosting, meaning you can easily install WordPress with a single click and create your own website using its themes and customizations.
The distinctly designed infrastructure enable us to ensure of a very high level of resources and services at astonishingly low prices in comparison to others in the industry.
Every hosting account comes with several features like SSL, bandwidth, SSD storage, emails, website builder, control panel and an efficient technical suuport team available rounf the clock for 365 days.
Yes, VisualWebTechnologies's affordable hosting plans are perfect for anyone who wants to start a blog, business, or any other simple website. Similarly, Our advanced web hosting solutions like VPS and Dedicated servers will provide the additional resources which your website will require as it grows.
At VisualWebTechnologies, security and privacy are the top priorities for us as a trusted web hosting provider for over 10,000 customers.

Our servers are protected with the best security software like Malware Scanners, CageFS and Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) besides standard firewalls.

Our malware scanning & detection tool gives real time protection to the servers. It adds an extra layer of security with our brute-force protection technology to shield your websites from security threats.

CageFS obstructs attackers from accessing the server for vulnerability and protects from obtaining root access. It also means that users won't be able to see other users and won't be able to sense their presence on the server giving complete isolation to your hosting account.

Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) adds an extra layer of protection to ensure the security of your hosting account in addition to username and password.
VisualWebTechnologies has proved itself as an excellent provider for web hosting in india with an impeccable customer support record. In fact, we take pride in our support team as our clients have highly acclaimed our technical support with great reviews and rating on major critic sites and platforms like Google, Trustpilot, HostAdvice, HostReview etc. We have also recieved a commendation from HostAdvice for our TOP 10 Web Hosting 2021.

Whatever issues or queries you have with our hosting, we are always ready to answer and actively resolve them. You can chat with us anytime and we will always respond to you no matter what time it is or whatever it is that went wrong with our service. We are at your beck-and-call 24/7 for all the days of the year, even on holidays.

Our support team is highly trained and gives you quick yet precise responses to your queries to help you resolve any issues with your hosting.

Additionally, you get access to our vast knowlegdebase, blogs and tutorials that will help you with the troubleshooting process
We provide 99.95% uptime. Our goal is to keep our customer's website up and running as close as possible to 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Few hosting providers may guarantee higher uptime, like 100%, 99.99% but then due to some routine maintenance, they may not be to keep up with their promise. The downtime that you experience isn't the fault of your hosting service provider. Some or th other maintenance is required in the data center to ensure higher uptime.
Yes, we offer 7-day money back guarantee. Please note that the 7-day money-back guarantee is only for the users of Shared hosting, Reseller hosting and WordPress hosting packages. The money back guarantee does not extend to VPS servers, dedicated servers, Domain registration/transfer/renewal, cPanel, DirectAdmin or any other paid licenses.

What Our Customers Have To Say?

Build your website or blog with WordPress, the world’s most popular site and blog management tool. It’s easy to use and gives you the freedom to...
Build your website or blog with WordPress, the world’s most popular site and blog management tool. It’s easy to use and gives you the freedom to...
Build your website or blog with WordPress, the world’s most popular site and blog management tool. It’s easy to use and gives you the freedom to...
Build your website or blog with WordPress, the world’s most popular site and blog management tool. It’s easy to use and gives you the freedom to...

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